How much does car insurance cost?

Insurance is a very important item in our “car” budget. In this case, we usually face many important questions for us. How much does car insurance cost? What affects the final amount you will have to pay? What expenses can we expect? How much will I pay for OC?

How much does AC insurance cost? How are car insurance prices in Poland? We usually have a lot of questions, especially if this is our first car insurance and we did not deal with this topic before, so we do not know how insurance mechanisms work and what the exact amount that we will have to pay regularly depends on.

How much does car liability insurance cost?


Third party liability insurance means civil liability insurance. It is good to know how much you will pay for them in order to be able to prepare well for any expenses and plan them in your budget. So let’s start with the fundamental question in this situation – how much does OC cost for a car? What does the liability insurance rates depend on in practice? It turns out that it is influenced by a number of important factors, including the person of the car owner.

The prices of liability insurance can be determined, for example, by the age of the car owner. What does this mean for us in practice? Very often it happens that young people, due to the lack of much practice in driving a car, will simply pay more. When calculating the costs, one should also remember about the relationship, which is the engine capacity and OC, because it turns out that this issue is also important, as well as the region of residence.

Of course, how much the OC of a passenger car depends on many other factors are just examples, so insurers should be asked for the final offer. Generally, however, the costs of the OC policy oscillate around USD 400 – 2000. Let’s try to use a specific example: OC car with a capacity of 2.0 liters, in the Płońsk poviat, assuming that the driver has a 65% discount, we will buy from about USD 600 a year.

How much does AC car insurance cost?


Another type of insurance is AC insurance, i.e. autocas. Again, the question arises – how much does autocasco cost, and just like in the case of third party liability, it is impossible to give one answer, because the cost of an autocasco depends, for example, on what the scope of the proposed insurance actually is.

Here, the choice depends largely on what expectations we have and what we care about most. The price of an AC policy may also be related to how old the insured car is. Answering the question – how much does AC insurance cost? This is a very relative issue. Nevertheless, car AC is nowadays the solution of choice and if we plan to buy it, one should be prepared for the cost of the policy ranging from 1000 to even 5000 USD.

How much do you want to borrow?


Let’s sum up – both the price of AC insurance and civil liability insurance is determined by many factors of various nature. It is for this reason that it is so important for the consumer to choose the most optimal offer for him, get to know the market thoroughly and orient himself in the currently available offers.

The question about the amount of the price of liability insurance or AC insurance cannot be clearly answered because the amount of premiums varies from case to case. However, it is good to know what affects the amount of OC and AC premiums. Naturally, the prices presented are examples and may be different from specific offers.